There is a great difference between controlled temperature shipments leaving the European Union and those entering it. The logistics of inbound goods –both for import and in transit – is different and quite complex.
These goods are perishable or need anyway to reach supermarkets to be sold as soon as possible. Therefore, operations need to take place as soon as the vessel reaches its port of discharge.
For this reason we keep always in touch with all transport parties: shipper, sea carrier, transhipment warehouses and land carriers –if involved – to reduce as much as possible the goods’ waiting time in the port.
When we deal with highly perishable goods, we work 7 days a week and we always keep our customers informed about transport status and expected delivery time.
In some ports it is possible to stow the goods in controlled-temperature warehouses to optimize truck loading, to split the shipment over different destinations or to provide multi stop delivery.
Upon request we provide product surveys carried out by qualified experts, an assessment of goods conditions , of its shelf life and the drawing up of a report.